3 Reasons to Choose A PPC Expert for Your Microsoft Ads

3 Reasons to Choose A PPC Agency for Your Microsoft Ads

Technology evolves faster and faster every day. You want to make sure your business has every advantage. Here are some important reasons why you want to choose a PPC agency for your Microsoft Ads.

Hiring a PPC agency can help you have a more comprehensive Microsoft Ads strategy without adding hours to your daily workload. Often, businesses will try to take on this work themselves. However, they realize that it is essentially a full-time job too late. Let’s take a look at why many entities would benefit from hiring a PPC agency right out of the gate.

1. PPC Is An Extra, Not The Purpose of Your Business

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Think about the purpose of your business. You might be running a bakery or even a law firm. As a business owner, regardless of your enterprise, you have so many concerns which are relevant to the services that you provide day in and day out. Entrepreneurs and small business owners often wear many hats. They perform many different jobs all on their own.

Unless you are an expert in PPC for Microsoft Ads yourself and keep on top of the constantly shifting digital marketing landscape, managing your PPC account on top of all of your other responsibilities can be daunting.

What Experts Can Offer

If you want your Microsoft Ads campaigns to perform strongly, you need to take some critical steps. You need somebody to be on top of recognizing and correctly interpreting positive and negative trends. If you or someone else is keeping one eye on your campaigns while doing a dozen other things, it can affect your results.

Agencies that specialize in PPC are experts in keeping up with these trends. So, they can help you get the most out of your campaigns. They are also always aware of any changes in the industry which can affect your performance. Agencies that specialize in PPC also have access to the most up-to-date tools. This allows them to keep track of poorly performing campaign elements so they can be tweaked.

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2. Experts That Specialize in PPC for Microsoft Ads Get Technical

Companies are spending more and more on PPC every year, and the presence of PPC is only expected to grow. In fact, according to Formstack, PPC is one of the three most powerful web marketing conversion tools. It can help you meet your goals, but you have to know how to leverage a series of tools.

A PPC expert will know what to look for when doing a competitive analysis of your campaigns. They will have the time, skills, and tools to help you get the absolute most out of your campaigns. One big thing a PPC expert will do, that might be hard for you to do on your own, is study competitor performance.

Based on their analysis of the many complex factors of ad performance, they will craft effective copy to help you convert and achieve your goals. This all requires a lot of time and attention as well as a skillset finely tuned from experience.

There are numerous technical duties they can perform to strategically bolster your campaigns. These include:

Strategic Keyword Use

In order to create the most effective Microsoft Ads possible, knowing how to use the Microsoft Keyword Planner tool is essential. You need to know which words you should choose and how you should bid.

These are not things which can be figured out overnight and are definitely not aspects of your campaign which should be left to chance and guessing. Experts will know exactly how to conduct keyword research. They will also be able to identify effective ad groups and leverage keyword tools appropriately.

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Campaign Settings

There is an endless number of feature settings available for your Microsoft ad campaigns. If you don’t want to get bogged down switching endless settings while potentially ignoring or misusing the most critical ones, you will likely need some expert guidance.

There are both basic settings and more sophisticated and specific customizable settings that you need to be aware of. For example, your PPC manager will already be an expert in this area. They will understand targeting, creating different ad groups, filtering out sites, negative keywords, and more.


While it is amazing to have a vast array of ad tools at your disposal, this can also be overwhelming if you are not an expert. Also, many of these tools are expensive. If you use them incorrectly, even if it is completely by accident, it is unlikely that you will get the results you seek.

In order to make sure that your investment is yielding results, you want a PPC expert onboard.

3. Benefit From An Expert Perspective

In almost all fields and for all jobs, most people would rather work with an expert than someone who has no experience at all. Through experience, people learn to have a holistic view of their enterprise and can balance even the smallest details.

Many think that the process of simple trial and error is enough to get their PPC campaigns off the ground. However, this can lead to months and months of errors that do not yield results. This can be quite expensive.

Benefits from an expert ppc perspective

PPC features evolve very rapidly. This means that there is a big chance that what you discover through a series of mistakes to start might not even apply in a few months. Agency PPC managers already know how PPC works and how it is changing. They can create strategic campaigns that leverage opportunities based on the ever-shifting conditions of PPC.

Final Thoughts On Why You Should Choose A PPC Agency for Your Microsoft Ads

Ultimately, the Microsoft Ads landscape is complex and constantly shifting. It requires an experienced eye to navigate for maximum results. While it can be tempting to try to go it alone and jump right in, regardless of experience, this can end up being costly and ineffective in the long term.

Have you ever known someone who tried to DIY something above their skill level in their house? They likely poured a ton of money into the project, created new problems, and then ended up having to pay someone to fix what they had done anyway?

Imagine how much money, time, and frustration they would have saved if they had just called on an expert from the beginning.

If you do not have hours and hours of extra time as well as a background in creating and managing PPC campaigns, you will likely benefit from seeking out expert guidance from the very start.

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