National Retail Federation Conferences: Must Attend NRF Sessions

NRF sessions

The National Retail Federation is a longstanding authority in the retail industry. The NRF is the only organization that has brought critical foresight and awareness via industry leaders and innovators for over a century.

In January 2020 NRF is taking over New York City with their most exciting conferences to date. So, here are some sessions that digital branders can’t afford to miss!

The Visionary 2020: A conversation with Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass

Michelle Gass is the CEO of Kohls. At NRF 2020 she will talk about her transformative plans for the company in the form of an intimate fireside chat. Gass wants to change the company’s culture from the inside out to invite new ideas and growth.

Her plans include forging new partnerships with unexpected new players. Kohls will connect with new brands. Gass also plans to position Kohls as a leading omnichannel retailer. This is one that you don’t want to miss!

Breaking Tradition: Disrupt Your Industry By Adding E-commerce To Your Business Model

E-commerce to your business model

In the modern world, you can’t afford for your business to be offline. This talk will be given by three entrepreneurs who have smashed industry norms. They have turned brick and mortar stores into powerful online businesses. So, they can give invaluable insights into the e-commerce side of digital branding.

This session features:

  • Danny Catullo (Catullo Prime Meats)
  • Diana Ganz (The Groomsman Suit)
  • Lauren Bercier (Something Borrowed Blooms)

They will talk about upgrading their business models and brands to succeed online.

Trust In Retail: Why Sustainability, Accountability, And Traceability Are Critical To Brand Belonging

We are entering the age of brand belonging. As a result, people want to build relationships with brands. So, this means they need to feel that they really know them. Consumers want more information about companies than ever before.

People don’t just want a good product, but they want it to be ethically made. They want brands to share their values too. Also, they want to know about the ins and outs of companies so they can make informed decisions.

This talk explores how making your brand one that is transparent and ethical can strengthen your entire business.

Pocket Brands: Why Facebook And Instagram Think Social Is The Fastest Growing Sales Channel

It’s no secret that social media platforms are evolving quickly. They also have a huge impact when it comes to shopping behavior. Content and commerce are quickly coming together. As a result, the next frontier of digital marketing is here.

This discussion will feature:

  • Alexis DeSalva Kahler of Mintel
  • Layla Amjadi of Facebook
  • Amy Eschilman of Sephora
  • Asher Rapkin of Facebook

They will take a deep look at the innovative ways that digital brands are harnessing the power of social media. This will include exploring selling products online and in-store. It will also explore connecting with consumers.

Bringing Bricks To Life: LEGO Knows The Child In All Of Us

The digital overtaking of retail provides new opportunities for growth. However, it also has its challenges. One large way brands of the past communicated their identities was through their physical stores.

These brick-and-mortar stores make interacting with brands a real-life experience. Instead of just clicking or tapping a screen, you would have to engage with a location. Some marketers worry that the loss of this experience might harm brand-consumer relationships.

In this NRF must-attend session, LEGO explores the innovative ways they make interacting with their digital and physical brand a memorable experience for customers in the digital age. Lego is known for its trailblazing digital branding. This session features Martin Urrutia Islas, the Lego Group’s head of Global Retail Innovation and CNBC Retail Reporter Lauren Thomas.

From Points To Passports: Reimagining The Loyalty Program

The customer journey, once described as a funnel, has morphed into an endless cycle. This is due to technological advancement. Also, it is due to the evolving way consumers interact with products.

There are many ways to foster brand loyalty, and one is through giving rewards. In this NRF session, experts explore how they innovate reward. In addition, they will talk about streamlining the consumer process of brand interaction.

Rick Gomez, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer of Target, explains how Target has consolidated its mobile apps and loyalty program. This was done to create a streamlined shopping experience.

Matthew Blonder, Vice President, Marketing and Digital Brand Commerce at Reebok will explore the strategy behind the Reebok Unlocked Loyalty program. Beyond the ability to earn points, this program offers experiential rewards. This helps to make a customer experience that builds connection.

Eventizing Shopping: Creating Compelling Experiences Online And In-store

We are living in an era where consumers want experiences rather than things. This is being reflected in how they choose to spend money. So, many brands are using certain elements to get their foot in the door. These elements include entertainment and community.

This session highlights two trailblazers. Ben Kaufman, the founder and CEO of CAMP and Aaron Levant, the CEO of Network. They will talk about how they are reenvisioning shopping as experience through content.

Humans Are Back: Why Companies Are Putting A Premium On The Human Element In The Digital Age

Human element In the digital age

Branding is where business and the human element come together. This creates something compelling and persuasive. Many of today’s breakthrough brands leverage this human element cleverly with an incredible blend of digital and physical experience.

This NRF session features Olivier Blayac, General Manager of Color&Co by L’Oreal. It also features Callie Field, Executive Vice President of Customer Care at T-Mobile.

How Strong Content Marketing And Headless Commerce Helped Burrow Disrupt An Industry

Stephen Kuhl, the CEO of Burrow, is innovating the way that people buy sofas and couches digitally. This is due to the company’s headless commerce approach.

Burrow has created a digital branding powerhouse through photography, video, and retail events. In this session, Kuhl will discuss how they continue to make strides in terms of channel strategy.

Gen Z And The Experience Economy: Experience Lifecycle Management (ELM) For Growth

It’s no secret that it is no longer enough to have a product. Consumers no longer want just things, but experiences. They also want meanings to be attached to those things. This is especially true of Gen-Z, a demographic that marketers are just beginning to crack.

This session features:

  • Enterworks CEO Rick Chavie
  • Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke
  • CEO and Founder of Coresight Research Deborah Weinswig

They will explore Embracing ELM, augmented reality, and AI for insight into taking charge of the experience economy. Digital marketers must always look ahead, so you don’t want to miss this session!

Final Thoughts on NRF Must-Attend Sessions

NRF 2020 has some fascinating sessions lined up. And these are not even all of them! It promises to be an enlightening and fascinating few days for marketers and digital branders. So, if you are looking to get insights from some of the industry’s best you don’t want to miss it!

Are you going to NRF? And which of these sessions excites you most? Comment below…

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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