How to Make Your Email More Visible in Gmail

With all of the focus on social media, it would be easy to think that emails are a thing of the past, and email marketing isn’t worth your time. However, you couldn’t be more wrong!

While social media may grab up a lot of attention, emails are still a highly effective way of connecting with your audience. 

How to Make Your Email More Visible in Gmail

Another reason for hesitancy in creating an email marketing campaign is completely understandable: lack of visibility.

As Gmail continues to change their site and filtering to make sure that they are giving the best experience to their users, many businesses see this as an unapproachable wall.

This doesn’t have to be the case though. With just a few adjustments, you could be heading into the start of a very successful email marketing campaign.

What is Email Marketing?

To put it simply, businesses and organizations send emails to customers about the latest updates including advertisements, information, Groupon, and responses to requests. These emails aim at building brand awareness, loyalty, trust, increasing sales, developing business, and providing satisfied customer service.

Businesses can use a current email database and or buy email lists. More often than not, their email will read something like “Get ___________  (product name) for only $_____!” Then this generic email is sent out to everyone on the email list that they bought instead of personally creating.

These emails only hurt the values of an email marketing campaign for everyone involved, especially because these kinds of emails are known for their viruses.

So how do you stand out from these ‘spam’ emails?

To make your customer click on your email, check out these three basic tips:

1. Be clear about your topic

  • Include the purpose and source of the email
  • Make the offer and content match the subject line
  • Have bullets point call out key items

2. Include a Call to Action

  • Include an active verb and what you want the customers to do
  • Add your URL link
  1. Pay attention to the format
    • Make sure that your brand images and contact information can be clearly seen
    • Check to see that your email can display on different devices. You never know where your audience will open your email, so this one is really important.
  2. Don’t always send out ads to buy
    • Use your emails to build a relationship with your customers
    • Share information, tips, and insights that they will value
  3. Build your own list
    • Buying an email list is a waste of time and is more likely to get you labeled as a spammer
    • Seek out people who are genuinely interested in your brand
  4. Stick to a schedule
    • Sending out regular emails on certain days will help your readers to know exactly what to expect from you.
  5. Treat your list well
    • Show respect to the people who have shared their contact information with you
    • Just like you want a chance to convert them to your brand, let your readers have a chance to get to know you and to ask questions

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Why Do We Need Email Marketing?

Email is still a very effective form of communication. When surveying internet users only 61% use social media, but 94% use their email. Additionally, 75% say that email marketing is their preferred marketing option.

Not only that, but the ‘opt-in’ feature found in email allows for marketing based on consent, and email marketing allows you to target certain demographics based on age or income.

Emails have a wider range of formatting options than their social media counterparts as well. Plus they offer more reporting and analytics capability with click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and conversions.

When you send an email, you have more than a 90% deliverability chance and your message gets across to your subscribers and right into their inbox. This is drastically different from the 2% of Facebook posts that are actually being seen on the news feed without advertising.

Some of the advantages of doing email marketing:

  • Cut through all the noise right to your subscribers
  • Receiving an email in their inbox will increase the odds that they will read it more carefully.
  • Email has three times the conversion rate of social media
  • For every one dollar that you invest in email marketing, the average return is $44.25–direct marketing association.

How to Make Your Email More Visible in Gmail

Nowadays, Gmail provides a main page which includes three categories: primary, social, and promotions. This is convenient for users and is used to identify their emergency emails. However, it makes it harder for email marketers to get their message to their customers.

Solution 1: Move the important email from Promotion tab to Primary tab.

You can tell your customer to move an important email to the primary tab. Right-click the email and stay at the “move to tab” choices, and then click “Primary.”

How to Make Your Email More Visible in Gmail

Customers are asked to become insiders by commercial websites and get special offers by doing this. Sometimes, they’re willing to change their email tabs and sometimes they’re not.

Here’s a quick tip to help you get the best chance to change your email’s tab:

Something important to remember though is that being in the Promotions tab isn’t always a bad thing.

Fortunately, studies show that people use the Promotions tab. According to ReturnPath’s study of three million Gmail users, the tabs improved deliverability, increased open rates, and decreased spam complaints. Plus, Gmail’s inbox organization doesn’t affect all your Gmail subscribers. Inbox tabs are optional for Gmail users, and many people disable them.


Solution 2: Keep the email concise, don’t sound like an advertisement

  1. Write in Traditional Letter Form
  2. Have no more than one link in your email, preferably to your site
  3. Don’t include pictures, unless they’re super relevant
  4. Mention the reader’s name using Merge Tag Tricks with MailChimp or AWeber
  5. Turn off the RSS Campaign. If you want a higher open count, then you must type these emails out by hand
  6. Write to the reader like they are your friend
  7. Don’t be spammy like this: Hey!!! WANT TO MAKE MONEY FAST??!?!?!

Key Email Marketing Tools and How They Work

Sometimes you may want a little professional help to manage your email marketing, and that’s okay!

There are many different email marketing sites that can help you. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites to get you started.


How to Make Your Email More Visible in Gmail

MailChimp makes it easy to design beautiful, personalized email campaigns and automation, so you can build and strengthen your relationships with potential and existing customers.

Additionally, with your online store connected, you’ll collect helpful e-commerce data for your customers—like order history, how much they spent, and whether they’re first-time or repeating customers. This will make it so that you can send targeted campaigns that direct traffic back to your store and generate more sales.

Key Features:

  • Automation sent to the right people at the right time
  • Statistic data about open rate, click rate
  • Flexible email template
  • Advanced customers reports


How to Make Your Email More Visible in Gmail

AWeber works with over a  hundred thousand small businesses to create emails that their clients love. They know that small businesses really value having a personal relationship with their customers and readers, so that is where they aim to help.

AWeber focuses on helping you create real personalized emails to send out. They know that you want to appear as a real, live person to generate trust and repeated contact.

Key Features:

  • A live customer solutions team, available seven days a week
  • A mobile app to make sending emails easy
  • Email marketing tracking and email deliverability rates
  • Easy email list importing


How to Make Your Email More Visible in Gmail

SendinBlue started out as a digital agency, so they are really in tune with their customer’s needs. They strive to manage email campaigns, send text messages, and create automation for your small-medium sized business.

They also advocate doing this work within your specific budget and in your language. With their help, you can build a beautiful campaign regardless of your previous experience with digital design.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic lists with smart targeting
  • Customized contact forms
  • Real-time accessible data
  • Clickers engagement maps, including a clickers world map option

Final Thoughts

Getting your emails more noticeable in Gmail can feel tricky with all of their new ways to filter out non-personal mail, but a little extra thought and personalization can quickly put you on the path to email marketing success.

If you’re feeling really lost though, and can’t navigate through email marketing on your own, there are several different email marketing campaign options that are ready and willing to help you out. Check out your budget and see if adding a professional program to your campaign is the right option for you.

Have you attempted an email campaign before?

Written by
Juntae DeLane