10 Amazing Instagram Stories Examples

If you are looking for some tricks and tips when it comes to mastering advertising via Instagram Stories, it can be helpful to look at effective examples for inspiration. Keep reading to check out these great Instagram stories examples.

The Rise of Instagram Stories

Following the launch of Instagram Stories in 2016, this format has become incredibly popular with advertisers. This is because the dynamic and crowd-pleasing format has proven highly effective on social media.

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In fact, agencies have reported 2-3X more engagement with Instagram Stories content than regular Instagram content. In fact, in April 2017 Instagram Stories increased 25% over Snapchat videos when it came to daily users, with 200 million daily users.

Here Are Great Instagram Stories Examples

Below, ten examples of brands who use Instagram Stories to the advantage of their digital brand are explored. Each brand uses different techniques to convey their message and entice customers.

These story ads are imaginative, effective, eye-catching, and unique. Taking inspiration from them will truly help you take your branded Instagram Stories ads to the next level.

1. Daily Harvest Keeps It Short and Sweet

Daily Harvest is a brand that offers customers wholesome unprocessed foods, frozen for the sake of convenience. In their Instagram Stories, they often make use of a series of crisp and enticing images and minimal text to drive the point home and entice viewers. 

They use a strategic headline and offer all the necessary information, but keep it concise and organized for easy readability.

2. Alexander McQueen Creates An Air Of Mystery

Some brands, like Alexander McQueen, opt not to use text at all. Depending on your digital brand’s image and products, this might be a better strategy. This particular ad shows flashes of women in bold attire deep in the jungle with no explanation whatsoever.

This is an evocative and strategic choice which works in a specific way. Studies have shown that when information gaps exist, readers experience anxiety and suspense.

In order to fix this, they will go out of their way to fill the information gap. In short, leaving out information makes people curious. Curious people are more likely to click.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but making your products less accessible on social media can work to its advantage, especially if you are trying to target a more elite audience. This is called the Luxury Strategy.

3. Follain Understands The Power of Silence

Many people access social media based ads when they are out and about, meaning that they are looking at them on-the-go and often in public spaces with the sound off. Keeping this in mind when crafting Instagram Stories Ads is key. They must be simple and above all visual. The beauty brand Follain really succeeds at simple and visually effective ads.

Note that on top of providing a simple and very visual experience, they also ask a question. This makes the ad truly interactive and can help to capture the attention of readers. It also uses a specific call to action that points users in the direction of a large discount, further incentivizing interacting with the ad.

4. CPK Frozen Pizza Throws A Boomerang

If you are trying to appeal to a younger social media audience, Boomerangs can be incredibly effective. They take an original clip, take 10 photos of it, and turn it into a short video with a somewhat stop-motion aesthetic.

Take a look a CPK Frozen Pizza’s boomerang ad featuring grated cheese:

Boomerangs are popular with Instagrammers and are guaranteed to catch their eye. It is important to tailor your ad strategy for different social media platforms and understand the likes and dislikes of particular communities to reach them.

5. Noom Gets Weird

Instagram Stories are an innovative format that leaves a lot of room for users to get creative and even experimental. Social media users see countless images, videos, clips, memes, and ads a day, so it is important to take full advantage of opportunities to make a visual impact.

Healthy lifestyle brand Noom accomplishes this with a short clip that looks like it could be from an experimental film, a woman about to crush a dozen eggs with a hammer.

It’s not about fitting in or meeting standards. It’s about making a visual impact. Depending on your audience, the weirder the better.

6. Hopper Offers Rewards

While interactive content is king, it might seem challenging to do that in the few seconds offered by Instagram Stories. However, an interactive ad can be as simple as offering someone a reward or promotion if they click or swipe.

Hopper offers rewards Instagram stories

Budget travel app Hopper does this by offering a discount to those who swipe up and install their app. Offering value is a great way to get potential customers excited about and engaging with your brand.

7. M. Gemi Understands The Human Element

People are no longer looking to simply buy things from companies but interact with brands in an authentic way.  And what is more authentic than showcasing some behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of your digital brand in action?

Italian show brand M. Gemi uses Instagram Stories to give customers a behind-the-scenes look.

This is smart for several reasons. It educates viewers about their brand. It also provides an authentic look which will help customers feel more connected and knowledgeable about their products.

This is especially effective for beauty, luxury, and fashion brands with more cultured and particular customer bases.

8. Postmates Masters FOMO

If you are confused by FOMO and the world of FOMO marketing, let’s break it down. FOMO stands for:

  • Fear
  • Of
  • Missing
  • Out

Many young people feel a sense of loss when they miss out on events or things which seem fun or important, which is the feeling that FOMO describes. Instagram Stories disappear, which adds a sense of urgency. If users want to take advantage of any offers, deals, or promotions, they have to do it quickly or risk missing out.

Courier App Postmates takes that a step further with this ad:

On top of featuring a short-lived ad, the ad itself contains a promotion with a time limit of 7 days. If you are trying to entice a younger crowd, FOMO marketing and increasing the pressure can be highly effective.

9. SheIn Highlights Their Strengths

Instagram Stories allow you to showcase multiple products quickly without users having to do anything at all. Clothing brand SheIn does this expertly.

One thing SheIn also does on Instagram is use the new Highlights feature for Stories. This feature allows you to display stories past their usual 24-hour window and even organize them with labels.

This is great for organizing things for your audience and also highlighting your most effective ads.

10. A Quiet Place Keeps Things Relatable

Instagram Stories offer only seconds to get a message across. If you do to little, it won’t be interesting, but if you do too much, you run the risk of confusing your audience. You must be strategic about how you tell your story.

One tactic is to showcase relatable heroes or figures in your ad. People relate to people and their very human emotions. The film “A Quiet Place” taps into this by featuring evocative reaction shots of its characters.

A Quiet Place Instagram stories

The Secret To Effective Instagram Stories Ads

Ultimately, what strategies you choose to employ should depend on your brand image and products. Whether your ads are mysterious, bright and colorful, odd, or relatable, should reflect your digital brand and products.

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Whether you opt for intriguing mystery, a sense of urgency, a great deal, behind-the-scenes authenticity, or a trendy Boomerang, all effective Instagram ads have 3 things in common.

  1. Ads compel users to act now
  2. They provide a consistent visual representation of a brand
  3. They stand out

Have you tried Instagram Stories Ads? If so, were they effective? Comment below…

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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