How To Sell With Instagram Shoppable Posts

Selling goods using Instagram Shoppable posts

Instagram has been busy adding Instagram shoppable posts to its docket, and it could benefit your digital brand.
Instagram shoppable posts allow you to sell your products with minimal effort and provides an easy way for consumers to purchase.

How To Sell With Instagram Shoppable Posts

For years now, Instagram has been where people come to see visual stories. The beautiful photography and videography pair perfectly with product placement and shoppable posts. There are many brands in the fashion industry that use Instagram to showcase the latest products. Instagram saw an opportunity and they’ve been able to make Instagram shopping a reality.

I wondered why it took so long since Pinterest launch Pinterest shopping awhile ago. But why now, you may ask?

Why the Change To Instagram Shopping?

Instagram announced that it had over two million advertisers, a pretty big deal considering that in March they only had one million. Naturally, Instagram will want to continue this amazing upward trend.

Adding shoppable tags will promote businesses to spend more money on sponsored posts, and will bring more users to Instagram. The extra incentive to make money will be a new driving factor in Instagram’s growth.

How To Find Instagram Shoppable Posts

When users scroll through their feed, they’ll find a tap to view products icon pop up or even just a small white circle with a shopping bag. You may have already noticed these during your Instagram viewing.

How To Sell With Instagram Shoppable Posts

How To Sell With Instagram Shoppable Posts

Another feature found on users that have this option is a small shopping bag listed on their pictures on their page. This gives a quick view of what is for sale and what is just for viewing.

How To Sell With Instagram Shoppable Posts

If you click on the shopping bag, you’ll be able to find out how much that awesome find is. You won’t even have to leave the image!

How To Sell With Instagram Shoppable PostsThen just click on the price tag to be shown more information on the item you’re looking at.

How To Sell With Instagram Shoppable Posts

And a click on shop now takes you right to the site! This is all done through Instagram, so you’ll never be taken away from the app. Simply clicking the upper left-hand x will take you right back to the images you were viewing.

How To Sell With Instagram Shoppable Posts

Now when you search for your favorite brands on Instagram, you’ll be able to shop right from your screen. When you see the perfect outfit worn by someone you follow, you might just be able to snap it up for yourself too.

How To Get Your Brand Ready For Instagram Shopping

1. Switch your Instagram account from a personal account to a business account. You’ll then want to link it to your corresponding Facebook page.

  • Currently, the Instagram shoppable feature is only available for US-based IP addresses. However, this is something that could change at any moment, so making sure that your business is ready will make sure that you are fully able to take advantage of it once it reaches your country.

2. Make sure that your Instagram account is running on the most updated version of the app.

3. Set up a Shopify account 

  • Unfortunately, they only offer paid plans, but you can pick a plan that works within your budget. Even a basic plan will ensure Instagram shopping is possible on your page.

4. Add your Shopify account to your Facebook product catalog page

  • You’re integrating information from one site to another, so it’s important to have your Facebook product catalog set up, and set up correctly.

5. Add products to your Facebook product catalog

  • It’s important to note that these must be tangible products, not services or digital products.
  • Follow the steps in your Shopify account to upload your products correctly to Facebook.
    • You will need the details of the product, the price, and the link to your product website

6. Tag new products in your posts on Instagram

  • This will ensure that you get fresh eyes on your new merchandise right away.

7. Wait for Instagram to accept you into the program

How To Make Instagram Shoppable Posts

Once you’ve been accepted, it’s easy to get your products tagged and ready to be shoppable.

1. Upload your Instagram image

2. Tag products

  • You’ll find this option on the screen that you usually use to add captions and other information.

3. Pick the location for the tag

  • You get to pick exactly what you want tagged. If you’re selling a sweater, then pick that so that the tag shows up in the right place.

4. Choose the item you’re tagging from your list of products

  • These will come out of your Facebook catalog.

5. Save the tag and upload the post!

  • That’s right, it’s just that simple!

The Benefits of Using Instagram Shoppable Posts

Instagram has over 800 million active users. You read that right, 800 million active users. That’s millions of potential purchases from Instagram shoppable posts.

The growth in advertisers shows that it’s a good shopping platform as well. People spend a lot of time on Instagram, which is also turning into a lot of spending. The convenience of not having to leave the app or even just your physical location leads many consumers to make easy purchases.

Consider this:

While Facebook, which owns Instagram, hasn’t divulged how much money the photo-sharing app makes from advertising, it’s seen as a major potential generator of revenue. The success of Instagram’s advertising program so far is enough to justify the $1 billion Facebook paid to acquire it in 2012, even though Instagram made no revenue at the time. – Tech Crunch

Obviously, the platform is a money maker, and now its open to more than just its own business. This gives you a chance to take a slice of the profits yourself.

Final Thoughts

Instagram shoppable posts are going to be an incredibly easy way to promote and sell your physical goods. They’ve made the process as simple as possible, with Facebook facilitating a lot of the information on your products. With things made this easy, it would be crazy not to include your brand into this interesting new adventure!

So now is the time to go over the list and make sure that your company is ready for its next big step with Instagram shoppable posts.

Have you made any purchases on Instagram yet? If so, how was the experience…

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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