Effective Instagram SEO Strategies To Scale Your Business

Want to know how to take full advantage of Instagram, one of the world’s biggest social media marketing platforms? Here’s how to write Instagram SEO strategies that take your business to the next level.

The Evolution of Instagram

Instagram was mostly an entertainment app a few years back. However, in 2018, it underwent a big transformation. Now, it is a giant marketing platform used by 13% of the world’s population.  

Instagram has become popular with digital branders and businesses for a number of reasons. Its engagement rate is 10 times higher than Facebook’s. Also, in 2018, it is expected to generate over $6.5 billion in ad revenue for Facebook. 

Here is how social media marketing looked in 2018 and some Instagram SEO strategies to help your digital brand achieve the most engagement it can. 

Take Advantage Of The Marketing Opportunities Offered By Instagram

Instagram was launched only in 2010 and has been blowing other social media sites out of the water ever since. While others have started to stagnate, Instagram is still growing.  In fact, 80% of users follow at least one business on Instagram. 

In 2012, Instagram had about 80 million users when Facebook bought it for over $1 billion.  Facebook was looking for a way to generate revenue through Instagram, so they launched “Instagram promoted posts.” This lets brands advertise on Instagram. 

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Advertise With Paid Posts 

Sponsored posts and paid partnerships are common across social media. It is easy to tell which posts are sponsored or created by brands for digital marketing, because they are labeled. 

Here is an example of a paid post from Target via TV personality Jonathan Van Ness. 

Instagram SEO Strategies

Facebook’s Business Manager System allows you to run all kinds of ad campaigns through branded posts, whether with infleuncers or on your own account. 

Make An Instagram Business Account

An Instagram Business account has many useful features that work way better for digital brands and businesses than regular accounts do. One of these features is the Insights Page. Using information from the insights page you can: 

  • Plan your IG content strategy 
  • Discover your target audience 
  • Know when your audience is active on the platform 
  • Promote your Instagram account 
  • Raise revenue

The Benefits Of A Business Profile 

An Instagram business account allows you to track and tailor content to suit your audience in a way that a regular account does not. Here are some of the things you have access to with a business profile: 

  • Contact button: This appears on the profile pages of all business profiles. 
  • Analytics tools: Business profiles can access Insights. This gives you informations on impressions, reach, followers, and engagement. 
  • Promotion: You cannot promote and advertise your profile without switching to a business profile. It is accessed through Facebook’s advertising tools. 
  • Call to action button: You can get the response you want from Instagram users by adding CTA buttons under your promotions. 

Make The Right Posts At The Right Time 

social media

It’s not just about posting on Instagram. When you post can have a big effect on who sees your content. You can use Instagram insights to see when your audience is most active on the platform. 

Instagram is an Amazing way to capture a young, international audience. 80% of IG’s 1 billion monthly active users are from outside the US. 

Some experts say that you should make your first post between 8-9 am and your second between 2-5 pm. Thursday is the most engaging day, while Sunday is the least engaging. 

Use Instagram Optimization

Your handle and your account name will have the most effect on your Instagram SEO. Your handle includes the “@” and must reflect your brand’s niche or name. 

Instagram identifies your content largely depending on your user name. If your username does not fit with your content, Instagram won’t show your content in the explore section. 

Next is another important part of your Instagram SEO strategy: your account name. This is located under your photo. It needs to relate to your username and say the industry you work in.

Your account name is what Instagram will check when people type into the platform’s search engine. 

Use Hashtags 

Instagram itself is both a social media platform and a search engine, and hashtags are how it categorizes posts and makes them searchable. In fact, posts with hashtags have 12.6% more engagement than those without.

You can use popular hashtags in your niche and even create branded ones. However, you don’t want to overdo it, as dozens of redundant hashtags can look spammy. Some experts suggest keeping it to 7 or less.  

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Host A Giveaway 

People love free stuff. This might be why contests are hosted by approximately 2% of Instagram accounts. Research shows that the accounts that do this grow faster. 

Many businesses offer their products for free in exchange for users liking the picture announcing the giveaway, tagging friends, or following their profile. Don’t limit yourself to these, however

Here is an example of a giveaway by the popular on Instagram makeup brand Milk Cosmetics. They have combined tactics by doing a joint giveaway with another brand, and having those who want to enter follow both brands, like the post, and tag friends. 

Work With Influencers 

Partnerships with influencers are a valuable tool that can work wonders for your Instagram SEO strategies. This is when a famous person recommends your product to raise awareness of your offerings and brand.

Be sure to do your research. Remember, that just because someone has a lot of followers, does not mean that they are a good fit for your brand. You want any influencer you work with to boost your reputation rather than drag it down. Be aware of influencer scandals.  

You also want them to promote your product to a genuine and engaged audience, rather than an army of bot followers.  Be on the lookout for fake influencers. 

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Make The Most Of Stories 

Instagram Stories are all the rage this year for good reason. You can even use Sponsored Stories for digital marketing. Also, Instagram accounts that have reached 10k followers can place links in their stories. This makes marketing in this way even easier. 

Good Writing Matters On Social Media

All of your copy needs a purpose that feels authentic outside of SEO, including your Instagram and social media copy. You need to interest people and offer them something of value so they consider your products and interact with your brand.   

Address problems, offer advice, or just make your followers feel good. The story and personality of your brand on Instagram and across social media is a combination of both images and writing. Tuck your Instagram SEO into this framework to appeal to both algorithms and customers.  

Taking Your Instagram SEO To The Next Level 

Ultimately, developing an effective Instagram SEO strategy has a lot of moving parts. You need to use the tools offered by Instagram correctly to get info about your customer base and do what you can to appeal to them. This will influence, what, when, and how often you post and who you work with. 

Your Instagram SEO strategies need to be paired with clever and relatable digital branding. SEO strategy is what ensures that your business will be seen in search engines, however, your content strategy is what will draw people in and keep them coming back. 

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Which Instagram SEO strategies do you feel are the most important? Comment below…

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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