How to Win at Social Media

When designing your strategy to win at social media, it’s important to remember that a successful approach is about relationship building, authenticity and value.

First, consider how you want to be approached. You want to feel like a cared for and valued customer of the page you are following, not a non-discerning mouth for them to feed you a bunch of garbage.

You know how it goes sometimes: bait and switch, catchy headlines that lead to empty content, purely sales posts all of the time.

You’re scrolling through your personal Facebook or another social media feed and a page you thought you loved is constantly telling you what to do for them.

It’s annoying and you immediately want to unlike the page.


It’s a virtual town center where you can let people get to know you and trust you.

Follow these tips to win at social media

Win at Social Media

1) Add tremendous value, not just more noise.

I like to use an 80/20 rule, which to me looks like give, give, give, give and then ask for a sign-up or a sale.

2) Solve a problem your audience has.

Think about your ideal client. What are his or her pain points? What keeps them up at night?

Give them the answers to these issues as a service to show you actually do care and want to add value

3) Answer questions.

With platforms like YouTube, Blab, and Periscope, you can have your own live Q&A with your fans and followers.


win at social media

4) Help your audience accomplish something.

This ties in with tips two and three, answering questions and solving problems. Perhaps you can go one step further and take your audience through an entire process that helps them complete a project start to finish.

5) Entertain!

Another way to win at social media is to entertain your audience. Make them laugh. Give your audience some mental and emotional play time as a break from a hectic day. They will love you and thank you in the form of loyalty.

6) Leave your audience inspired.

We all love a feel good story. Especially in the midst of so much chaos happening in the news. Give hope and inspiration and your audience will associate those good feelings with your brand.

How do you win at social media? Let us know!

Written by
Julia Casillas