What is YOUR Digital Brand?

When we were younger, our parents always taught us to stay away from strangers, not to speak with them, much less, follow them anywhere. Human beings have been programmed to veer away from strangers. This stranger danger mentality that is ingrained in their minds leads them to reject the things they do not know of. Read more

Defining Your Digital Branding Goals

Many successful people are known for their “signature outfits.” Steve Jobs had his black mock turtleneck. Mark Zuckerberg uses his grey t-shirt every single day. Barack Obama always appeared in his grey or blue suits. These outfits have become a part of them. BUT, imagine if these outfits were just dressed on a mannequin. More Read more

What Do Top-Performing Marketers Do Differently?

Top-performing marketing teams commit to the customer journey and the customer experience, collaborate with other business units and enjoy buy-in from their executive leadership, according to 2015 Salesforce’s annual “State of Marketing” report that surveyed almost 4,000 marketing leaders across various countries. Read more

3 Steps to Build a Profitable Small Business Brand

Just because your business is small doesn’t mean it can’t be profitable. Your small business brand can get you the attention you’re looking for in three simple steps. 3 Steps to Build a Profitable Small Business Brand A more modest business usually implies a smaller workforce. These three steps will make it easier for you Read more

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