Facebook EdgeRank Explained

To get the most out of your Facebook page and presence, it is essential that your posts appear on your fans’ newsfeeds.

What’s EdgeRank

EdgeRank is Facebook’s algorithm that personalizes users’ newsfeeds and inserts posts it thinks will interest them. In very simplified terms, if users (or their friends) are interacting with your company/brand on a fairly frequent basis, you show up; if not, you get dropped. When it comes to Facebook marketing, you can use two metrics to measure your success: engagement rate and the “people are talking about this” rating:





Your engagement rate can be determined by dividing your total “Likes” and comments by your total number of fans (Likes + Comments/Total # of Fans). That’s why your posts need to be engaging and spark a reaction. A high engagement rate helps you build your EdgeRank and gets you seen more often.


Your “people are talking about this” rating is basically your “buzz” metric. It measures who’s talking about you or your posts on their pages and can be found in your page’s Facebook insights as well as on your page. It basically shows when your activities in the real, virtual, or social worlds are sparking conversation on Facebook.


The next logical question is, “How do we increase our interaction and sharing?” To boost interaction, businesses need to post more often and engage their consumers in a two-way dialogue. More than 70% of interactions occur during the first hour after a post is made. Keep your interactions up by posting more often and by being online and available right after you post. In other words, don’t post and go to bed. And keep in mind that a post posed as a “question” tends to drive more interaction than one written as a statement.

How to you increase engagement on Facebook? 

Written by
Juntae DeLane