Digital Branding Through Twitter Automated Replies

Digital branding through Twitter automated replies may seem counter-productive. Having a response message in your Twitter inbox shortly after following a Twitter account has become commonplace to the average user.

The Pro’s & Con’s of Automation


Although this automation is effective, some users may find it annoying when sifting through their inbox looking for authentic “hand-written” messages.


The scalability of customer communications. A brand can reach more people through Twitter automated replies than writing individual messages to users. Additionally, customer service transaction times are shortened significantly with automation.

What’s your view on automation? Does it hurt or help customer service transactions?
Twitter has begun to leverage this automation trend by offering it as a native function on the network. Twitter is now giving brands direct messaging tools to automate better and streamline the customer query process.

How does it really work?

Now brands will be able to create multiple, custom welcome greeting specific to different contexts in which someone might start a DM thread.

Welcome Messages: These customizable welcome messages help brands set greetings based on a specific DM conversation. Brands can create multiple welcome messages and deep link directly to a specific greeting from Tweets, websites, or apps.

Quick Replies: Brands map out a conversation flow ahead of time and create quick replies that prompt people for the information a brand needs to follow to automatically assist with the service request.

twitter automated replies

These quick replies can present people with a list of options or instructions on what keywords a brand needs to help them out. Quick replies are supposed to handle the customer service requests that can be automated, but like the interactive voice response systems that handle customer service calls, they’re supposed to kick things over to an actual human when the automated messages can’t accommodate the customer.

In Conclusion

Twitter automated replies will enhance a brand’s customer services requests by streamlining the process. To use this function successfully, brands must be proactive and not reactive with their customer service communications. Brands must map out a conversation flow ahead of time and create Twitter automated replies that strategically solve customer’s challenges.

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It is evident that a battle has initiated between Twitter and Facebook Messenger to provide brands with an effective social customer service channel. Which network do you feel is conducive to better customer service? Comment below…

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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