Digital Branding or Personal Branding: Which is Best for Your Brand?

As any individual looking to build a brand, you can choose to utilize digital branding or personal branding.

Now depending on your situation, both personal branding and digital branding can be important. While some may think that these are the same, there are some key differences between the two that cause different results, especially when it comes to converting an audience.

Regardless of your industry, occupation, or expertise, establishing a strong brand is essential if you want to be competitive in your field.  That brings us to the question- digital branding or personal branding: which is better for your brand?

Infographic: Digital Branding or Personal Branding- Which is Best for Your Brand

digital branding or personal branding: which is best for your brand infographic


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Can you think of an expert or influencer who has a great personal brand and digital brand? Let us know by commenting below.

  • Martina Gleissenebner-Teskey

    Hi Juntae, in a way I like your distinction of Digital and Personal Branding – because I love exact definitions – but as I am dealing with the latter (and want to become better in the first) I have to admit that I do not really understand it.
    Of course, pure products do not need Personal Branding (but Product Branding), but any person who sells her/his own expertise (regardless of whether the clients are businesses or individuals) need Personal Branding as well as Digital Branding. In my opinion, Digital Branding is a Must for all today: Personal Brands as well as Product Brands and Corporate Brands. It cannot stand on its own but is a tool for the other kinds of Brands. They provide the content to be spread digitally.
    Maybe you could point out the distinction in more detail or refer to an earlier article of yours so that I might understand better?
    Thanks a lot!