Customers Just Aren’t That Into You

Have you wondered what turns your customers off?

The folks at Handshakez created an infographic that provides some insight:

Customers Just Aren’t That Into You

  • Only 46% of forecasted deals close.
  • Customers can be extraordinarily fickle.
  • To get an engaged customer, you must delight and inspire them.


  • Customers love engaging content.
  • 73% of B2B customers prefer “thought leadership” content to “advertising content”.
  • In a 140-character society, preference is placed on the brevity of text & the beauty of images.
  • Use videos, polls, info graphics and 3rd party thought leadership content to inspire customers.


  • The average sales email response rate is less than 30%.
  • The average sales mail response rate is less than 25%.
  • 50% of reps use Twitter & Facebook for business connectivity.
  • 72% of reps say that LinkedIn is more essential to their success than
  • After $75 Billion of CRM spend, companies have merchandized the customer relationship rather than enabled it.

Instead of “managing” customers, sales reps should be engaging them in public & private communities.


  • 80% of reps say their best leads come from their own efforts (networking, LinkedIn, cold calling).
  • Only 13% of reps say that they need more training.
  • Which may explain why 60% say that the CMO should leave the company before the CRO.
  • Closed Won deals have 33% more customers as part of the process.

Build a big tent and invite as many influencers into it as possible.