10 Of The Best Brands On Instagram In 2019

Best Brands On Instagram

Do you want to have an irresistible Instagram feed? Take inspiration from these 10 brands that are Instagram powerhouses.


Many people talk about Instagram like it’s only a place for trendy brunch pics. However, they are really missing out on the full picture. In fact, the platform is a major social media platform with a billion monthly active users.

Visual marketing is an important part of any brand’s digital marketing strategy. Instagram allows businesses and brands to showcase their visual content. Getting started can be overwhelming. However, with the right approach, Instagram can help your digital brand thrive.

If you want to get inspired, take a look at some popular and effective posts. They were made by some seriously successful brands on Instagram.

1. Lego

Lego has a whopping 4.4 million IG followers, and for good reason. They make toys for kids. However, their content is full of clever pop culture references that people of all ages can enjoy.

Many of their posts do sell newly released Lego products. However, they also offer a fun sense of humor and unexpected surprises to their followers. For example, in one of their most popular posts they showed a life-sized Lego-fied take on the flying car from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.


Lego also makes posts related to topical events, such as this one about Wimbledon.


Lego keeps its content topical, relevant, and fun, yet consistent and true to their brand.

2. Letterfolk

Letterfolk is a small business operated by a husband-and-wife team. The pair crafts beautiful felt letterboards and letters by hand. The Letterfolk IG has over 300,000 followers. They market their products on social media with ultra-shareable content, like this:


Letterfolk really excels at creating content for one of their largest audiences, women. This is one of their most popular posts:


6. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is an Instagram account dedicated to living aesthetically with over 2 million followers.

Their goal is to inspire people to live better at home. So, they do it by providing an endless feed of stellar interior design.

On top of a thriving Instagram presence in terms of followers, thousands of people interact with each of their posts too. One of their recent posts has over 21,000 likes.


On top of sumptuous interior design pictures, they also will occasionally share relatable memes. Fun decor suggestions can also be found. One example is this post, which tells you your power color based on your zodiac sign. Astrology is an incredibly popular topic online, currently.

Like Lego, they have fun with topical content. However, it still makes sense with their branding and content.


Instagram is the ideal social media site for brands that are visually quirky, bold, or lush. Do you want to cultivate this kind of brand? Do you want to connect with an audience that will truly appreciate it? If so, you need to be on the platform.

7. Vans

This Instagram account is over 16 million followers strong.

On the Vans account, they make a few incredibly smart decisions. For one, all of the posts are visually striking. They also not only advertise products but celebrate the communities that are most associated with the brand.

This makes their feed feel more like a genuine part of a community. The company’s feed features a diverse group of people into skating, surfing, biking, and more at a variety of skill levels.

Here it spotlights pro-skateboarder Fabiana Delfino, a 22-year-old street skater. She won first place in the Vans Showdown Women’s Final.


The company excels at crafting an engaging feed that both embraces a community and is visually stunning.

Instagram visual collage

They even manage to inject many of their ads in their feed with an alternative culture-twist that you can’t help but look at. In fact, their posts announcing new products are some of their most popular, because they stand out. You can’t help but look at them.

This post brought attention to their ComfyCush Era shoes. Have you ever seen a shoe advertisement like this from any other brand?


Vans embraces a community and has a distinct and eye-catching digital brand. Also, they are not afraid to get weird. This is what makes them an Instagram smash.

8. WeWork

WeWork provides a cool and interesting way for the digital nomads of the world to always have access to office space. They know this. As a result, it is a core part of their visual branding.

Their feed offers its more than 550,000 Instagram followers incredibly unique content. This fits in with the modern and ultra-cool approach to work that is key to their branding.

Sometimes they spotlight members. Recently they featured a member named Iris, who commutes to work by boat.


This post makes them look modern and socially aware. The content is unique and green-friendly. Also, it helps to put a human face on their company. It highlights that not only is their mission cool, but the members of their organization are cool.

WeWork further cements this “cool factor” in their branding. How do they do it? They often share visually striking photos of the interiors and exteriors of their offices.

This post highlights one of their spaces in Singapore:


This post shows another one of their WeWork spaces. This one is in Guadalajara, Mexico.


9. Shiseido

Shiseido is a Japanese beauty brand that marries its brand values perfectly with Instagram.

The Shiseido IG bio reads, “Sharing art, science and beauty with the world since 1872.” And they do this flawlessly with an absolutely stunning feed.

Shiseido Instagram feed

They achieve this stunning feed look through strategic posting. Shiseido will post content in batches of three. This the platform’s layout. The posts will all appear to perfectly suit each other in the feed.

Depending upon your brand, this may not be entirely necessary. However, it has worked brilliantly for Shiseido. As a result, they have nearly 1 million followers on Instagram.

10. Staples

Staples proves that brands can do amazing things when they think outside of the box.

Their engaging and fun account currently has over 64,000 followers. Staples is a brand that definitely puts the “social” in social media. Many of their posts end with questions and calls to action. They aim to get their followers truly involved.


Final Thoughts On Instagram Branding

There are many approaches to this platform that can get your brand noticed. Which you choose will largely depend on your business, products, services, and brand values.

So, don’t be afraid to be unique, ask questions, and truly build an online community of fans!

If you want to get inspired by more brands who are using IG to push boundaries and get noticed, take a look at our roundup of brands with Amazing Instagram Stories.

Which of these brands’ approaches to social media do you like best? Let us know below…

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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