Setting Goals for Your Business on Instagram

Just like any other advertising opportunity, you’ll need to set goals for your business on Instagram to gain any real traction or results. Goals will give your business a direction. Without direction, putting your business on Instagram will be a fruitless endeavor that takes up valuable time. So take a moment to evaluate what you want to do with your Instagram account and start setting goals to achieve it.  Read more

Shopify vs. WordPress

When building a website for your e-commerce brand, you may be wondering what website builder you should use. Generally, this question will lead to two main contenders, Shopify versus WordPress. So which one will better address your needs? Read more

How to Sell More Products on Instagram

If you already have a business profile for your brand on Instagram, you might be wondering how you can sell more products on Instagram. Having a business profile is not a guarantee that you will sell a lot of products, that’s why these tips are so valuable.  Read more

Make Your Digital Brand #FailProof

Taking your digital brand to social media can be intimidating. There are so many different ways for your brand to fail. However, with these tips, your brand will be #FailProof and ready to take on any challenge.  Read more

Creating an Instagram Content Strategy

An Instagram content strategy can make all the difference when it comes to your Instagram success. Having an Instagram content strategy will keep you on track, and will make sure that you’ve outlined the goals that you’re hoping to achieve. Read more

How to Access Your Online Image

Your online image is the first chance your clients have to get to know you. Do you know what’s floating around on the internet about you? You might be surprised at what you’ll find from a simple search. What do you do with your findings? There are a few ways to clean up your online image and make it more professional for your brand.  Read more

How to Set Up an Instagram Business Account

Getting an Instagram account for your business can be a great way to reach a new audience or show a new side of your brand. Plus, the process of getting an Instagram account for your business is easy and straightforward. A few clicks and you’ll be ready to share your brand on Instagram. Read more

Why You Should Switch to https to Build Brand Trustworthiness

Have you been subject to getting that scary red ‘not secure’ warning when people land on your website? If you’ve been wondering why that keeps happening to you, we’re here to tell you its because its time to make the switch to https. Changes have already been put in motion that will make staying on HTTP a drain on your brand. Don’t hesitate to start the switch to https.  Read more

SEO for Small Business

Finding your niche can be hard when figuring out your SEO for small business. Keywords will be an important part of this process, and where you’ll find the most success. We’ll take you through the steps and show you how to get started on your searchability success.  Read more