10 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Strategy

Many businesses go through the motions of their life and never consider the need for a specific digital strategy. This is a big mistake. We’ve outlined 10 basic reasons why a digital strategy is necessary for your brand. These are 10 problems that your brand can side step on the race to success.  Read more

PPC for Law Firms

Developing PPC for Law Firms can feel like a complicated process. There are keywords to pick and costs to determine. These tips and tricks will make sure that you get a firm footing for your PPC campaigns and find success.  Read more

3 Ways to Generate Leads Using YouTube

As the second most popular website and one of the most used search engines in the world, YouTube should definitely be on every marketer’s radar. While the focus of YouTube strategies is usually centered around creating great content (undoubtedly important!) there is a second value for using YouTube – to generate and capture leads. Read more

4 Reasons Why Consumers View Brands As Relationships

We all understand the importance of having healthy relationships in our lives.

But, we may often forget how healthy relationships impact our businesses.

Of all the success metrics, if we measure brands the way we measure healthy relationships, we can easily outperform the competition.

That’s why you should understand the reasons why consumers view brands as relationships.

Continue reading to find out how to get your target audience to fall in love with you.
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The Best List of Physician Hashtags

Hashtags have become a necessary part of social media. No matter what your business is, hashtags can help you reach out to your prospective audience. It is especially true when using physician hashtags. These can show your customers your specific knowledge and skillset long before they enter your practice.  Read more

7 Things You Can Do to Promote Your E-Book

You have so much knowledge to share, and with a little bit of organization and a great graphic designer, it’s easy to put all that knowledge into an e-book. So many people put so much effort into creating amazing e-books, and then just letting it waste away on a landing page forever.

Building an audience for your e-book needs to be more than just building a landing page for it and emailing out to your list once or twice.

A well-intentioned and organized e-book promotion plan will not only help bring new leads to your funnel, but it’ll also give your readers a resource to gain their trust and build relationships.
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SEO for Real Estate Agents

SEO for real estate agents is similar to other SEO initiatives with a few fundamental differences, the main one of which is keywords. If you’re a real estate agency looking to stand out from your competition on online searches, you’ll need to learn about your specific keywords and how to make them work their best for you.  Read more

5 Steps Towards Building Brand Credibility

These days, businesses rise and fall at the drop of a hat. So what sets apart a brand that succeeds versus one that doesn’t in this volatile market? Brands that create relationships with their customers and gain their trust and loyalty are much more likely to succeed.

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