4 Reasons Antonio Brown Should Hire Us For Social Media Marketing

Antonio Brown and NFL

Did you see or hear the Antonio Brown saga that made headlines for days? We are sure you did because it trended on social media and definitely didn’t do his brand any good.

It’s already a long week for Football fans as they have to keep up with the heartbreak and drama following the release of former Oakland Raiders Wide receiver to the New England Patriots. 

Brown has displayed a series of bad behavior and a track record of airing his grievances regarding his career with questionable diplomacy on his social media which could gradually dent his brand as an athlete.

Handling social media platforms while having a demanding schedule as a celebrity can be quite a chore, regarding the fact that you have to be conscientious about the kind of content you exchange to align with your brand while also maintaining optimum engagement with your following.

Here’s where we come in and change the way the media, and the NFL sees Antonio Brown:

Curating His Content to Highlight His Strengths Not Bad Choices 

Antonio Brown is popular and if you ask us the Number 1 receiver in the league, so he needs a brand that can curate his entertaining demeanor and athletic abilities with creative video and images to engage his followers. He also needs support in creating his own unique media identity and promotions.

Consulting Before Releasing Content Detrimental to Brand

Antonio often releases well produced content, but it seems to be detrimental too his brand! At a time when more attention is on his behavior OFF the field as opposed to ON the field, he should be focusing on bringing his talent to the forefront, and reminding people why he is a four-time All-Pro receiver! 

My advice as a social media strategists will involve aiding him in highlighting his name recognition. I would place prioritization on issues or content that should be addressed online to the public, and the best strategy for dissemination to maintain cordiality with other involved parties, and exercise the spirit of sportsmanship whether on the field or not and give no room for misinterpretation or scandals. 

We will evaluate the content he puts out there and guide him through the consequences on how poorly thought media posts could affect his fans, career, and brand in general.

Increase His Media Value

The right social media management will have a ripple effect as corporate brands who love to associate with his brand indirectly can consider sponsorship deals with Antonio, his kids, significant other or friends just because they are associated with him.

Improved Analytics 

Digital Delane with our expertise develop strategic means to increase and engage fans and followers, forging considerable amount of intimacy by helping them get to know Antonio outside the pitch, his everyday and regular life activities with the family; could be shopping, working out, or hanging with his family and share his values or other interests to project authenticity and be relatable. 

Your online identity could either make or break you so you have to take it a lot more serious than Antonio Brown is doing right now and with Digital Delane backing you, he can do what he loves offline and we’ll boost his online presence with the right content at the right time.

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