Aiming for the right mix of Tweets

Think of Twitter as a cocktail party. Everybody is talking at once and as you meet people,  other may listen in and like what you’re talking about. With this in mind, you want to say things that will attract people to your conversation.

Below you will find how to post the right mix of Tweets…

As a business owner, you should elect to use the rule of thirds:

Here’s more info on each third…

Sales/Marketing Tweet Topics

Event Sign-Up

Event registration is done easy through Twitter.


Time-Limited Sales

Twitter users are accustomed to receiving special offers from businesses.


Example “ABC sales going on now:

Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes give your users a discount for purchasing on your site and reward users for following your account.


Web Site Specials

If someone is using Twitter then they definitely have Internet access to immediately view your site.


Store/Service Specials

Geo target tweets applicable to customers around your area or select locations where your business exists. For instance, if you want to offer separate specials for customers in San Francisco and another for Dallas, you can do this with Twitter’s geo location function.



Company Info Topics

Post new blog posts or site updates

Say it in a way that is interesting to your audience. For instance, respond to a post about a particular subject and include an article link that references your company or business.

Staff News

If you hire someone new or promoted someone


Customer Support

It’s beneficial to involve your customers on Twitter.  You can respond directly to your customers or tweet about a problem solved. Offer solutions by tweeting articles or whitepapers. By doing so, you give your company a personal presence instead of only a business presence which will increase the lifetime value of that customer.




Customer/Client News



Product Tips

Any tips you can provide about the use, management, and repair of your product will increase your audience base by being generous.


Press Mentions

Twitter is naturally a PR machine. If your company was mentioned in the news, if you have a write-up on a blog, or if a celebrity used your product, those are all “tweet-worthy”.

General Info Topics

Industry News

Twitter is known for being a news channel. Share news about an upgrade in software or a new law passed that affects your industry.



When the people who you’re following tweet something interesting, you might want to retweet them as the information could be beneficial to your audience as well.



Ask Questions

Ask your audience for advice and sit back and wait while the replies roll in.

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How often you want to tweet is up to you but I suggest you read this article about the best time to tweet.

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Written by
Juntae DeLane