7 Ways to Target Millennial Customers

Gaining an understanding of your Millennial consumer in relation to the rest of your target audience and brand will prove to be invaluable as the foundation for your entire marketing program.

Being cognizant of the generalities regarding the Millennial target is an essential starting point, but appreciating who they are on a more human level as they relate to your brand is key.The most innovative  marketers have given up trying to construct general marketing messages to this demographic. Instead, they are targeting one teen, one crowd or one cool event at a time.

Here is 7 ways to target Millennial Customers:


1. Viral Buzz

Direct consumers into popular trending topics on Twitter to create buzz around a new product. You may also want to set up a fan page on Facebook as well.

2. Student Ambassadors

Enlists students for promotions and hires squadrons of teens to promote your product on the street.

3. Unusual Sponsorships

Sponsor local clubs and associations that normally would not have sponsorship to associate your brand with their lifestyle activities.

4. Skate Parks

Visit, sponsor, build or do everything you can to expose your brand at local skate parks.

5. Hip Events

Create original events that appeal to this demographic. Red Bull does this very well.

6. Advergaming

Create a unique branded video to engage this consumer. There are many agencies that can create a platform that will highlight your brand by transforming it into a cool game. Many auto-manufacturers are doing this as well.

7. Street Teams

This is the best way to create personal direct interaction with Millennials. A street team will be able to identify the appropriate locations in which to promote and continuously expose the brand within the Millennial footprint.

Chime in! What are some unique ways you have targeted this demographic?

Written by
Juntae DeLane