6 Ways To Create SEO Friendly Copy

Search Engine Optimization 6 Ways To Create SEO Friendly Copy

Creating SEO friendly web copy is both an art and science.

The folks at the Website Marketing Group developed an infographic that outlines 6 ways to create SEO friendly copy for small businesses.

Here’s a summary.

6 ways to create SEO friendly copy

  • Write Engaging Copy. People can’t just read web copy –  they need to engage with it. That means sharing, commenting or otherwise extending its reach. Google gives a lot more weight to content that gets any kind of engagement.
  • Create Clear Call-to-Action. CTAs encourage engagement by offering related content, boosting email signups or reminding visitors to check out social profiles. They also boost click-through rates, one of the most important SEO indicators.
  • Optimize for Semantic Search. What is semantic search? In a nutshell, it’s a search engine’s attempt to give detailed information using more data than just keywords. Example: explicitly answer questions users often search for.
  • Make it Mobile Friendly. 60% of all online traffic comes from a mobile device, and small businesses that don’t optimize for smartphones and tablets will miss out when people who can’t browse a site immediately bounce away.
  • Use Schema Markup. Over 2/3 of all search results include sites with schema markup – but only 0.3% of sites have implemented the code. It gives Google more information about the who, what and when of your web content.
  • Include a Location for Google+. More than half of all mobile searches have local intent. People spend a lot of time looking for businesses in a certain area. Registering a business on Google+ will help it show up in both Maps and standard search.



Written by
Juntae DeLane