5 Ways to Generate More Leads with Google+

Google+ has distinct functions that benefit your businesses in various ways. Unlike Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, Google+ offers unique ways to organically target consumers.

Before you begin this process, be sure to put a Google+ strategy in place so you can fully leverage this platform to generate more leads. Think about the kinds of content you wish to create (videos, whitepapers, infographics, eBooks, etc.), the times of day you’ll share the content, and how people normally engage with brands on Google+. Once this plan is in place, you’re on your way to acquiring more leads.

This article outlines 5 ways to generate more leads with Google+:

1. Become A Resource

If you’ve created a Google+ Brand Page to simply promote your product or services, you should rethink your strategy. Build trust by providing resources for your consumer on this page. Learn the various needs or pain points your consumer faces and create content that will help.

Inforgraphics, whitepapers, videos, and webinars are all great forms of content that resonate with social audiences. Learn which types of content is more appealing to your specific target and increase the frequency of that content. Ultimately, position your Google+ brand page as a resource on which your potential leads can rely.

2. Use Google+ Circles

Google+ Circles allow you to group followers in specific circles and share with those circles media of your choosing. This is a distinctive feature that allows your business to create more relevant messages to segments within your target.

For instance, if you have a business that offers a plethora of services, you can segment your followers into groups that prioritize one service over another. Engage them with content that meets their specific needs with a balanced frequency. Remember, at the time this post was written, Google did not suppress or throttle the reach of any post on the network (like Facebook).

3. Use Videos and High-Res Visuals

Few will contest that videos are the most engaging forms of media on any social platform. Google+ increases your video reach by linking your YouTube channel with your Google+ brand page. This creates added value and functionality when engaging with potential consumers.

You are able to post videos and respond to video comments through your Google+ brand page as well as view analytics within your Google+ dashboard.

Posting high-resolution images works well within Google+. In fact, Google+ allows you to upload images with a maximum size of 2120 x 1192. These high-res images display well on this network so don’t be shy, showcase those high-res images.

Additionally, when posting videos or high-res images, be sure to include a link back to your website or product landing page. This will help increase traffic to your site and, in turn, spark awareness of your product or service.

4. Use Hashtags

Similar to Twitter, appropriate hashtags on Google+ can help connect content you feature to larger discussions taking place on Google+. Tag each post with a relevant hashtag so you can boost your page’s visibility and draw in new leads.

5. Underscore Authorship

Be sure to mention (+) the source of the content you use/share. This will add credibility to your post as well as forge a positive relationship between your brand and others. Feel free to practice by sharing this blog post ;).

How do you use Google+ to acquire new business? 

Written by
Juntae DeLane