No Need to buy Ads! Use these 5 Tips to Make your Content Visible.

One of the main things I tell clients is that simply creating content and placing it on a website or blog is not enough. With changing algorithms on various social networks, marketers must now implement alternative methods to increase content reach. This article outlines 5 Tips to Make your Content Visible.

If you want to maximize the potential of your content going viral, you must put in three times the amount of work it took to create that content piece.

I have created an elementary formula when promoting my digital content:

It saddens me to discover insightful, relevant and unique content pieces with lackluster shares, tweets, and +1’s. I suppose after writing content, some authors may not have the stamina to execute strategic marketing tactics to acquire more views. This simply is unfortunate. If the content piece is about emerging media, it could be outdated and irrelevant within months. Therefore, it is extremely important to strike while the iron is hot. Get your content out to the masses and enhance your engagement.

Marketing your content does not merely consist of only paying for advertising or implementing SEO tactics. Here are some examples to get potential consumers more familiar with you and your offerings.

1. Create 2-minute videos about your content.

Videos are one of the best vehicles to drive content promotion. No need to create a major production. You can use your cell phone, laptop, or tablet to record, edit and upload your video to YouTube.

2. Conduct Google Hangouts.

Interacting with your potential consumers through Google Hangouts is a great way to convey value in what you’re offering. Think about it this way, there is a reason why retail product demos and infomercials are popular sales touch points. They give consumers the opportunity to build a rapport with the presenter, which ultimately builds credibility and value in the offering. Again, this process does not have to be elaborate. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to let potential customers into your world without either one of you having to travel.

3. Hold Weekly Hashtag Chats (aka Twitter chats).

You can publicize these to customers who have purchased from you and to prospects as well.

4. Host a Live TweetUp.

Plan a date, time, and location at a restaurant, park, or event to physically meet with those you Tweet with in your town or when traveling. This is another great way to engage with consumers and add a face-to-face encounter with your personal brand.

5. Pitch to Reporters.

Use resources such as HARO or Pitch Rate to scan for reporters looking for information about your topic. Keep at it and you will find yourself being quoted in various news outlets!

So there you have it – utilize these tactics when promoting your content and you will have greater exposure and more money to show for it.

How do you get the word out about your digital content?

Written by
Juntae DeLane