5 Digital Branding Tips for a Great Product Launch

Digital Branding Tips for a Great Product Launch

When introducing a new product, whether tangible or digital, having a plan to get customers is key.

Your digital brand is composed of your digital identity, visibility, and credibility. Digital branding will help you reach prospective clients, resonate with your audience, and increase awareness.

Follow these 5 digital branding tips for a healthy product launch to generate buzz and build excitement around your new product.

1. Build a Landing Page with a Strong Call-to-Action

Your landing page should serve as the digital home and go-to resource for information about your product before it is released.

Landing pages are an important way to generate interest in your product and capture leads.

Here’s a good example from Netflix

Netflix Great Product Launch

To get sign-ups, make your call-to-action clear:

  • Your CTA should be visibly distinct and command the visitor’s attention
  • Choose a button color that stands out from other elements on the page.
  • Make the language enticing and personal.
  • Let visitors know what they’ll get for signing up.
  • The fewer fields, the better.

2. Craft your Messages to Appeal to Your Target Buyer Personas

When launching a new product, you want to be sure you are targeting your marketing messages to the people who will buy your product.

Remember, customers aren’t buying product features.

They’re buying solutions.

Anticipate potential questions prospective clients may have and provide answers to ease the purchase decision process.

Your Target Buyer Personas

Understand their challenges, needs and behaviors, and become well-versed in how to speak their language.

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3. Leverage the Power of Video

If you want to increase conversions, you should include a video on your landing page.

Buyers find video to be very helpful in the decision process so you may want to consider sharing new product videos on your social profiles as well.

Now that live video is on the table, you can even offer a real-time question and answer session via Facebook Live or Periscope.

If you solicit questions from your audience, take note of any questions related to the purchase process and use your newfound insight to inform future marketing initiatives.

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4. Promote your Product Launch via Social Media

You can use social media to increase awareness and get people talking about your product well before it becomes available.

Promote your great product launch via social media

Use Twitter to communicate product and brand announcements.

Partner with influencers to share disappearing content such as product photos, short video demos, and product reviews by posting to Instagram Stories or Snapchat.

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Launch an Instagram or Facebook countdown to build awareness. Publishing a countdown on social keeps the public updated about the time remaining before your product launch, and it builds anticipation around your launch.

Determine the length of your countdown then share content each day leading up to your launch.

5. Nurture Your Leads with an Email Campaign

After you have captured leads from your landing page, you want to keep your prospects interested and increase purchase intent. Set up an initial thank you or welcome message in your autoresponder. An email sequence can keep interest high and help to move your prospective clients through your sales funnel.

By taking advantage of these 5 tips, you can use your product launch to establish a strong digital brand, collect leads, and attract customers.

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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