5 Branding Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time to get creative with your branding efforts. A well executed holiday campaign can leave a lasting impression.

From autumn, through the end of winter, brands have a plethora of opportunities to stand out if they play their branding cards successfully. Here are five ways to use this season to build your brand.

5 Branding Tips for the Holidays


1. Use Festive Colors

Whether it’s red, green, blue, silver, or any other selection of colors, the holiday season is the time of year for decorating and celebrating. This is good news for your brand because you can easily incorporate a ribbon or a holiday color into your brand identity for the season and no one will come running after you with your brand style guide.

Here’s an example of a holiday logo switch from Google, better known as a Google doodle.

google holiday doodle


2. Create a Unique Tagline

Similar to updating or changing your colors during the holiday season, tweaking a tagline or key brand message is completely appropriate at this time of year as long as you maintain an authentic brand voice.

Think of Honda. During the rest of the year, the brand is known for “Creating Random Acts of Helpfulness” and being the “Helpful Honda Guys.” But during the holidays, the company promotes “Happy Honda-Days” rather than the more universal wish of Happy Holidays.

Can your brand create a memorable tagline for the holidays?


3. Give

The holiday season is the time of year people associate with gratitude, giving back, and cheer. Many brands offer holiday specials and discounts to both reward loyal customers and attract new ones. Gift an exclusive discount to email subscribers. Announce a holiday special on social media. Have a holiday giveaway or contest.


4. Introduce a Character and Tell a Story

Do you have a character or a unique personality associated with your brand? If not, the holidays may be an appropriate time to add one to your branding efforts.

Stories are a great way to foster an emotional connection between customers and your brand. Use the holiday season as an opportunity to practice the art of storytelling.

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5. Launch a Holiday Ad Campaign

If you have the budget, an amazing holiday ad can go a long way toward building long-lasting brand awareness. What stands out about your brand that can easily be captured and leveraged during the holidays?

Consider the British retail store, John Lewis and its holiday ads – they are so incredibly memorable that people start the countdown months before the holidays. And since the ads began in 2007, people are still talking about their favorites.



How are you using the holidays to build your brand? Any more tips? I’d love to hear your creative ideas.

Written by
Debbie Laskey

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