3 Ways To Double Website Traffic From Social Media

3 Ways To Double Website Traffic From Social Media

If you are building a social audience to generate more website traffic, are you sure your social content meets this objective? There is a balance to optimizing your content on social media to double traffic to your site. It’s both an Art and Science.

Here are 3 ways to double your website traffic from social media

1. Share Your Content More Than Once

If you’re serious about creating content that brings people to your owned media (i.e. your website) then you should be serious about utilizing social media to drive more traffic to your site. A great way to do this is by sharing your content more than once.

I know first hand and this has helped bring more traffic to my blog. Here’s an example:


I shared a recent blog post titled “3 Awesome Ways to Test Your Marketing Campaigns” on Feb 17th and 18th. By posting this twice, I accumulated 137 engagements with almost 800K potential impressions. If I only posted this once, I would have received less than half the engagements and impressions. Imagine if I would have shared this a third time.

I think you get the point.

I must note, some people will argue against the practice of sharing content multiple times on the same social network. However, it’s difficult to argue the results. Sharing your content multiple times can double your website traffic.

Here’s another tactic that will double your website traffic from social media.

2. Optimize Your Content for Each Network

Twitter – Briefly offer solutions to the challenges of your audience.

For example, instead of tweeting the link to a free content marketing calendar, I posed a question to appeal to those who need help structuring content. This works for all social media networks as well, but since users are limited to 140 characters, they tend to tweet only the article titles.


Facebook – Have a conversational tone.

It seems as though Facebook rewards posts from friends and family over brand pages. So, I suspect sales messages in Facebook posts may not receive the same organic reach as posts with more conversational tones.


Instagram – Include hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram are equally important as photos. While scrolling the image search on Instagram you’ll notice very creative hashtags. Hashtags such as #puddlegram, #fromwhereistand, and #jumpstagram make the network very engaging. So, if you want to increase engagement on Instagram, be sure to include multiple hashtags–and be creative with it!


By using hashtags on Instagram you will draw more attention to your profile that will, hopefully, have your website URL.

LinkedIn – Stimulate professional discussion.

Remember that LinkedIn is known for having professional users. So, your content should create discussions around your industry. In the example below I centered the update to appeal to my following. I achieved this by giving a brief summary and solution.


3. Monitor Your Results

Monitoring your results is probably the single most important thing you can do to double the website traffic from your social media. There is a balance between a constant flow of social posts and website traffic. It’s important to understand how one compliments the other.

Here’s how you get started…

  • Identify and increase/decrease your post activity. When I noticed a drop in post engagements, I focused on posting older blog articles to stimulate engagements. Finding a balance is imperative and by reincorporating older posts, this can increase the flow of social media traffic to your website.
  • Monitor the feedback from your audience. Although you can’t let one detractor speak for the rest, it’s beneficial to listen closely to how your audience is responding to your posting schedule. If people are thanking you for the frequent content you provide, you know your scheduling works. However, most social media users will simply un-follow instead of taking the time to express their disliking. At this point, you should review their actions as a form of feedback.

Can you think of other ways to bring more social traffic to your website?

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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