3 Ways To Crack The Code To Awesome Content

Awesome content has a code. There are reasons why it meets the objectives of both publisher and consumer. This post will outline 3 ways to crack the code to awesome content.

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3 Ways To Crack The Code To Awesome Content

1. Choose The Correct Content Marketing Mix

Choosing the correct marketing mix is like having the perfect house party. Everything must work in concert to give your guests the best possible experience. The event location, food, drinks, and entertainment must all complement each other to make your event a success.

Try taking this approach when developing the correct content marketing mix: Your organic search results must enable your audience to find you; Your paid search will boost your visibility; Your Display Ads will enhance your paid campaign; Your social media will enhance your audience’s experience with your brand; And your email campaign will keep them in the loop.

Now let’s break this down further:

  • Organic Search – This is how consumers with intent to find information about the products or services you offer discover your content. Your content should be optimized to increase chances of being included in search engine results.
  • Paid Search – You can boost visibility by conducting a Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. When done successfully, your paid advertisement will appear along with a user’s search results.
  • Display Ads – These types of ads are shown as videos and can be placed on sites such as YouTube.
  • Social Media – Social media also helps to move your audience along your marketing funnel as they engage with your content.
  • Email – This is where you can personalize your message for consumers who opted-in to receive your email campaigns.

It’s important to note content marketing aims to create content humans want to read and share, whereas SEO aims to create content that works well with search engine algorithms. If you are still writing for search engines, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Well, writing for search engines instead of people has gone out of style like some old-school dance moves.


Times have changed. There are new trends in marketing just like in other industries such as fashion, music, and technology. So, when developing the correct content marketing mix you should leverage the newest techniques and platforms so you wont be stuck in the past.

Since you read this first section, you’ve just taken the first step.

Now on to the next…

2. Boosting Content With Rich Media

Between shortened attention spans and the increase in available content, your audience’s attention is hard to keep.  You must do everything possible to maintain it. A great way to do this is by using rich media.

Case-in-point: this article. I’ve added GIFs to this post to “boost” post appeal (and I hope you like it).

Need more convincing? Below is a great ad integration for the film Inception. This ad literally transforms a user’s web experience by offering an opportunity to engage with the advertisement without leaving the site.


This ad is well integrated with the publisher’s content and provides a pleasant reading experience for the user. However, what’s most important here is that the ad gets viewed in a highly impactful way.

Adding video to your banner ad is key to improving performance as it prolongs the user’s attention. Naturally, this will increase the recall and retention of your brand message.


As highlighted in the Rich Media Benchmark report, Adform found that the time watching a video was 8.35 seconds longer for Rich Media banners than for video banners. For Rich Media banners with video content, users actively choose to interact with ads as Rich Media is meant to be less intrusive to a user’s browsing experience.


3. Develop Content That Delivers Results

Your Content Marketing should educate your audience. People want to consume content because they want information. They want to be educated so it’s important to start a discussion in which your audience wants to take part.

Here are two ways to make your content deliver results:

  1. Promote your successful content. You may have this novel content piece that is bringing large amounts of traffic to your site. Naturally, you label this as a success because it’s increasing traffic. However, is it converting your audience? This may not always be the case. Perform an audit to see which content is actually converting your audience into customers. You may notice a piece of content that outperforms the rest.
  2. Include a strong call-to-action (CTA) within your content. Take into account the color, and copy of your CTA button. Ultimately, your CTA copy should answer the question, “Why should I click this button”. Make your CTA more relevant to the specific conversion scenario.




Cracking the code to awesome content is no easy task. Some organizations continue to develop content without a particular strategy. As mentioned above, awesome content starts with developing a marketing mix to optimize your content distribution. Then adding Rich Media elements to enhance the user’s experience. And finally, promoting the content that actually converts your audience into customers. Once you implement these three tactics, you’ll be closer to cracking the code to awesome content.

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Juntae DeLane

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